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Undead & Delicious

Deter Müller Martini

In „Undead & Delicious“ erforschen der Performer Dennis Deter und die Tänzerchoreografinnen Anja Müller und Lea Martini einen Zustand zwischen Leben und Tod. Ausgangspunkt ihrer Recherche sind Bilder und filmische Dokumente von Ikonen der Pop- und Hochkultur, die sich in das kulturelle Gedächtnis eingeschrieben haben. Durch körperliche Aneignung dieser Erinnerungen erwecken sie Totgeglaubte wieder zum Leben. Oder waren sie niemals tot? Denn je mehr sich das Trio im Rhythmus beständiger Wiederholung und Variation der organischen Degeneration von Körpern und Bildern hingibt, wird deutlich: So sehr wir die Stars und Ikonen auch austauschen, entleeren oder entstellen, erheben sie sich doch immer wieder und tanzen den Totentanz ewiger Simulation. Als virtuelle Zombies nehmen sie uns an die Hand in die Welt nach der Welt.

Eine Koproduktion von HAU und Stiftung Braunschweigischer Kulturbesitz in Kooperation mit Tanzfabrik Berlin und artblau Tanzwerkstatt Braunschweig, gefördert aus Mitteln des Hauptstadtkultfonds

the end of as we know

Deter Müller Martini
photo: knipsbuex.de
Während wir auf körperliche Spurensuche nach kollektiven Erinnerungen gingen, geschah uns ein fast zärtlicher Paradigmenwechsel. Unsere Körper rückten aus dem Fokus und der Raum, der uns umgab, trat mit erstaunlicher Sichtbarkeit hervor. So ist uns das Theater in seiner unmittelbaren Materialität ein Gegenüber geworden, ein Raum, der flexibel und gefügig schon etlichen Umnutzungen standhielt.



Boys don’t cry.

In a society obsessed with efficiency and instant gratification, sadness is often seen as a handicap and a waste of time. CRYING MACHINE uses the archetype of the solitary wanderer to delve into the anatomy of this outlawed emotion.

concept Chris Leuenberger

choreography/performance/dramaturgy Chris Leuenberger, Roger Sala Reyner, Igor Dobricic

movement coach Ria Higler

music Tian Rotteveel

lights Paul Schimmel

coproduction Dampfzentrale Bern, hetveem theater Amsterdam

with generous support of Centre Chorégraphique National de Franche-Comté (Belfort), Stadt & Kanton Bern, Pro Helvetia


photo by Rose Wernecke

What happens when three choreographic signatures meet in one body?

In I I I Jenny Beyer, Chris Leuenberger and Anja Müller create solo material for, with and next to each other. While questioning authorship and individuality, they construct a common universe of apparent opposites and subtle shifts of perception.

All three are lead characters in supporting roles, an ensemble of loners, a corps de ballet of complementary colors. Soloists appear and dissolve again within the group. Personalities take shape and merrily hop along into the darkness of the woods.

‘Look! Over there writhes and shimmies like an autumn breeze the ruddy mason’s daughter.’

Anja, Jenny and Chris were all three recipients of the DanceWEB scholarship in Vienna 2006, where they co-founded Sweet&Tender Collaborations, an artist-driven initiative dealing with self-organization and alternative means of production.


concept Jenny Beyer choreography/dance Jenny Beyer, Chris Leuenberger, Anja Müller music Jetzmann

dramturgical support Nik Haffner, Anne Kersting production Sabine Jud assistance Rosa Wernecke

I I I is a coproduction of Kampnagel Hamburg and hetveem theater Amsterdam. With generous support of Behörde für Kultur, Sport und Medien der Hansestadt Hamburg and Hamburgische Kulturstiftung.


Josephine Joseph

von Julia Jadkowski / Marcel Schwald / Rico Schalück / Roswitha Emrich

eine Installation, die mit Hilfe analoger Technologie und Live-Choreographie eine optische Täuschung schafft


Mit kontemplativen Bewegungen werden Joseph und Josephine zu einem Körper. In dessen Projektion lösen sich die Körper auf und ein eigenes Bild beginnt zu existieren.

„Es ist etwas Verschwommenes im Realen. Die Realität ist nicht richtig eingestellt. Das Scharfstellen der Welt, das wäre die objektive Realität, genau wie das Scharfstellen des Objektivs auf das Objekt… Zum Glück hat dieses endgültige Scharfstellen der Welt niemals stattgefunden. Das Objektiv bringt das Objekt in Bewegung, oder umgekehrt, jedenfalls bewegt sich etwas.“ (Baudrillard)



memor I am – Dennis Deter, Lea Martini and Anja Müller

memorIam-1 flyer by Theresia Knevel

memor I am is inspired by the brutal beauty of the final scene of ‘Bonnie & Clyde and the constant presence of a very short but intense filmic moment. We physically ask ourselves: Where to put all the memories of insisting historic or filmic scenes we have never experienced by ourselves, but that have already kept haunting us in the night?

concept & performance: Lea Martini, Dennis Deter, Anja Müller / set & costume design: Theresia Knevel co-produced and supported by artblau-Tanzwerkstatt Braunschweig, TANZTAGE Berlin and AHK Amsterdam.

UNIEK – Jenny Beyer & Chris Leuenberger

hetveem Production


Uniek takes a close look at the solo – and an even closer one at the soloist behind.

Inspired by ballet competitions such as the “Prix de Lausanne”, Chris and Jenny create solo moments, entrances and exits for each other. Jenny uses Chris to talk about virtuosity, beauty and elegance. Chris uses Jenny to confront his gender confusion. As classical forms and codes melt into their very own dance, the soloists unveil their unique and manifold talents. Tiptoeing between the fear of failure and the pleasure to seduce, they open a space for friction, comparison and doubling.

concept / performance Jenny Beyer, Chris Leuenberger sound Jetzmann dramaturgy Gonnie Heggen, Igor Dobricic set design / costumes Theresia Knevel Production Hetveem Theater

Supported by Sweet&Tender Collaborations, K3-Zentrum für Choreographie/Tanzplan Hamburg, Dansateliers Rotterdam

black spaghetti – Lea Martini & Johan Forsman

Black Spagetti


black spaghetti is an archive of material, overheated and collected over a period of 4 years by Johan Forsman and Lea Martini.The archive embeds hallucinogenic texts, feverish images, unefficient movements and haunting desire. It also includes dreams, compulsive disorders and misplaced thoughts catched in very high altitudes or among the green plants of an abandoned forrest. The material in the archive can be used, rearranged and presented in different ways according to the circumstances.

Masculinity – Chris Leuenberger

hetveem Production

masculinity-hetveem-06I have interviewed men about their masculinity. I have reexamined my male role models. I have cut wood in the forest with my brother.

What does it mean for me to be a man today? What is my relationship with my body? What kind of dance would make my father proud?

I want to come to terms with the real man in me. I want to celebrate my masculinity with you. I need your feedback.

Concept and Performance Chris Leuenberger

Dramaturgical Support Igor Dobricic

Sound Coordt Linke


PapierJulia Jadkowski

PAPIER-2Two dancers are moving in paper costumes. They move the paper and the paper is moving them. With the performance Papier Julia Jadkowski is literally and figuratively getting underneath the skin. The top layer of the human body is made of dead skin cells. Can you imagine that information, memories, desires, and possibilities enter and leave our body through this membrane? Jadkowski is creating a subtle space in which the audience can listen to themselves and their surroundings.
concept and directing: Julia Jadkowski / dance: Anna Städler, Marta Sponzilli / costume: Jana Kessler / stage design: Julia Jadkowski, Theresia Knevel
produced by: Huis en Festival a/d Werf

enter my bubble – Katy Hernan & Chris Leuenberger
coproduced by dampfzentrale/hetveem


Did you ever want to explode from joy, anger, or from your own culture? Katy and Chris take us along on a journey through a postcard landscape with lush, green meadows and snowy-peaked mountains. One from the French, the other from the German speaking part of Switzerland, these two drastically different characters are stuck in a transparent bubble that could implode at any moment. In an attempt to dig up their roots and jump over their shadow, they come across countless cliches,  fondue memories and ultimately the loss of innocence.

Concept and performance: Katy Hernan and Chris Leuenberger Outside eye: Nicole Beutler Lights: Daniel Müller Duration: 50 min.

CHANSON TRISTE – Chris Leuenberger


Chanson triste is a work-in-progress solo about dealing with emotions in public. Chris plays with elements of expressive dance, auto-therapy and lecture demonstration in order to display some of the questions and findings of his ongoing research project about intimacy.

Check out his blog at www.searchingforintimacy.blogspot.com

concept and performance Chris Leuenberger
outside eye Tashi Iwaoka
music Bonnie Prince Billy
duration approximately 30 min.

supported by SNDO (School for New Dance Development),

PAF (Performing Arts Forum), Sweet&Tender Collaborations

special thanks to Marko, Min, Pieter, Antonio, Gui, Perrine, Jan, Montserrat, Tiago, Sayaka, Jean-Baptiste, Jenny, Rebecca, Tashi, Helena, Catalina, Rodrigo, Roger, Koen, Jan, Raquel, Robert …


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