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Trip en Masse Kenya. Remembering the Post Election Crisis. Promoting Peace. White Horse has been invited to adapt Trip to 9 dancers from Nairobi. As Kenya is preparing for their next elections, Trip en Masse Kenya is an invitation for a cultural reflection on the violence and riots that happened in 2008 in the aftermath […]

Upon invitation from DOCH, a Swedish Bachelor-in-dance program, Julia Jadkowski teaches TRIP to dance and choreography students in Stockholm. The school has a concept of learning repertory pieces first from video and then inviting the choreographers for the final rehearsals. The piece was initially conceived of as a trio, later produced as a masse version […]

White Horse has won the Swan for ‘most impressive dance production’ 2011 for TRIP en masse, a choreography adapted from the original trio version to 11 dancers of Amsterdam’s city dance company Dansgroep Amsterdam.   photo: Ben van Duin According to the jury, TRIP en masse is an overpowering dance performance that is at once […]



Tenerife danza lab – laboratorio de danza del Auditorio de Tenerife – y el grupo invitado White Horse, presentan la creación colectiva de  2011: En Together todos siguen la misma tarea, todo el tiempo. La obra investiga el impacto físico de las utopías colectivas, la necesidad de sentirse más cerca de los demás y la fuerza que […]

GROUPIES Premiere 6. Oktober 2011, 20.00 Uhr, HAU3 Berlin weitere Vorstellungen 7.-9. Oktober, 20 Uhr, HAU 3 Berlin 1./3./4. Dezember, 20 Uhr, Dampfzentrale Bern Glaube findet im Körper statt: ob Rosenkranzgebet und Bekreuzigung, rhythmisches Wippen vor der Klagemauer, genaue Abfolge des Salah-Gebets oder der balinesische Kecak-Tanz – weder eine Weltreligion noch exotische Schamanen- und Ritualtänze kommen […]

In November 2010 White Horse taught two workshops in Bogota and Montevideo. In the workshops Maria, Xavier and Chris explored physicalities of devotion and surrender with both semi-professional and professional dancers/choreographers. The workshops served as laboratory and research playground for White Horse’s new group performance about religion GROUPIES which will premiere at HAU theater in […]

Choreography ‘TRIP en masse’ in the streets of Amsterdam photo: Bernie van Velzen On November 20 a collective cry for culture resonated throughout the Netherlands. 60 dance students of the Theaterschool (School for New Dance Development and Modern Theater Dance Department) as well as dancers of Dansgroep Amsterdam made this cry tangible for the public […]



For the Festival: Einzelkämpfer Monologe, which took place at Theaterdiscounter Berlin from October 14-17, White Horse conceived an audio installation where audience members could listen to love declarations (recorded in the U-Bahn) in a telephone booth.



In June 2010 White Horse participated in X-Schulen, a project initiated by HAU theater in Berlin. 20 artists were invited to create a performative work on the premises of a Gesamtschule. White Horse took the chance of a lot of adrenaline and talent: 9 16-year-olds made love declarations to the audience: secretely in the toilet, […]

Trip en masse


Dansgroep Amsterdam gives a glimpse of the future of contemporary dance in Amsterdam by offering emerging artists the chance to work with the company’s high-quality dancers. For this year’s guest choreographer program VIEWTURE, artistic directors Krisztina de Châtel and Itzik Galili selected White Horse and Giulia Mureddu. photo: Karel Zwaneveld   White Horse – TRIP en […]