White Horse teaches TRIP to students at DOCH in Stockholm


Upon invitation from DOCH, a Swedish Bachelor-in-dance program, Julia Jadkowski teaches TRIP to dance and choreography students in Stockholm. The school has a concept of learning repertory pieces first from video and then inviting the choreographers for the final rehearsals.

The piece was initially conceived of as a trio, later produced as a masse version by Dansgroep Amsterdam and now the students of DOCH will challenge themselves with TRIP.


Premiere: March 13

Further Performances: March 13-17, March 20-24, March 27-31
Tuesdays-Fridays at 18.00
Saturdays at 16.00

Concept and Choreography: White Horse (Chris Leuenberger, Julia Jadkowski, Lea Martini)

Repetitor/Choreographer at DOCH: Julia Jadkowski

Dancers: Anna-Karin Damfors, Lisen Ellard, Johan Bandholtz, Nathalie Eriksson, Bam-Bam Frost, Rannei Grenne, Tea Harrysson, Katrine Johansen, Annie Kay Dahlström, Lovisa Rosell, Marie Ursin Erichsen, Elias Girod.

Sound: Coordt Linke

Outside eye: David Weber Krebs

costume/stage design: Theresia Knevel

Lightdesign: Fabian Lehmann, Attila Nemeth, Jan Fedinger

TRIP is a coproduction of White Horse, Theater Frascati and Freischwimmer Festival 2008. Dansgroep Amsterdam produced TRIP EN MASSE in 2010.

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