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Choreography ‘TRIP en masse’ in the streets of Amsterdam photo: Bernie van Velzen On November 20 a collective cry for culture resonated throughout the Netherlands. 60 dance students of the Theaterschool (School for New Dance Development and Modern Theater Dance Department) as well as dancers of Dansgroep Amsterdam made this cry tangible for the public […]



For the Festival: Einzelkämpfer Monologe, which took place at Theaterdiscounter Berlin from October 14-17, White Horse conceived an audio installation where audience members could listen to love declarations (recorded in the U-Bahn) in a telephone booth.



In June 2010 White Horse participated in X-Schulen, a project initiated by HAU theater in Berlin. 20 artists were invited to create a performative work on the premises of a Gesamtschule. White Horse took the chance of a lot of adrenaline and talent: 9 16-year-olds made love declarations to the audience: secretely in the toilet, […]