love declarations being sent out



                                                                                                       flyer by Theresia Knevel

Love declarations are being sent out these days to people who contributed a romantic voice half a year ago when we started collecting them at 100Grad festival in Berlin and at Something Raw in Amsterdam. Some love declarations have been made available to the archive of our Institute by each individual’s consent. From these public love declarations Coordt Linke, White Horse’s sound artist, has made a beautiful compilation. The sound compilation will be accessible to theatergoers in our romantic installation “Locus Amoenus” in the foyer of the theater before and after the performances of ROMANCE. 

Don’t miss your chance to be touched by these uniquely personal and diverse voices. The sound compilation in the Locus Amoenus is conceived as foreplay and echo to our stage performance. Upcoming performance dates are:

September 25 try-out Frascati WG Amsterdam

September 26 premiere Frascati WG Amsterdam

September 29, 30 Frascati WG Amsterdam

October 1, 3 Frascati WG Amsterdam

November 14, 15 Dampfzentrale Bern


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