Locus Amönus – a romantic installation by White Horse

February 19 -22   100Grad Festival Berlin

February 25-28   Something Raw Festival Amsterdam

April 21-23   Springdance Utrecht

May 29-30 Dampfzentrale Bern

The ‘Institute for Matters of the Heart’ invites people to contribute romantic voices as an act of political resistance in the face of the imminent crisis.


The Institute for Matters of the Heart

White Horse founded the ‘Institute for Matters of the Heart’ in order to prepare for the imminent crisis. The Institute has followed the latest developments in the social-economic field and came up with the hypothesis that matters of the heart are in danger of extinction.


The International Board for Crisis Management warns against unprecedented stress and irrational behaviour caused by heightened competition in the job market and a general feeling of loss and helplessness. People are advised to focus on their strengths, work harder, pimp their profile and increase their marketability.


The ‘Institute for Matters of the Heart’ propose an alternative solution:

It is our mission to protect our most intimate and tender emotions from being overrun and undermined by rising standards in professionalism and efficiency. In the face of financial and social insecurities it is crucial that we focus on the matters closest to our heart! By bringing public attention to our cause we hope to remind people of the fragile beauty of their innermost feelings.


This is a call for celebrating intimacy and sentimentality! An encouragement to listen carefully to our hearts! Let’s unite and face the harsh demands of the crisis by indulging in emotional attachments, melancholic daydreaming and irrational desires!


The Pilot Project

For our pilot project we collect voices speaking from the heart. Volunteers are asked to make a declaration of love in all its possible meanings: a declaration of love to oneself, to another person, a thing, a place or an idea. We collect passionate, delicate, romantic, jubilant and nostalgic voices to set a landmark of resistance against the threats of the crisis by paying tribute to matters of the heart.


The Procedure

The voices are registered and archived in order to disseminate them in future times when the crisis will have reached its peak.

For the recording the volunteer will be alone in a small closet (the locus amönus). Half a year later each volunteer’s declaration of love will be sent to him/her via email. The volunteers can give permission for their recorded love declaration to be sent to another volunteer who participated in the action. In return they will receive an anonymous love declaration from yet another random volunteer. Email addresses will only be used for this purpose and will be handled with care and discretion.

Volunteers can give us permission to add their love declaration to our big archive for matters of the heart where it will be processed and made public. In so doing the volunteer makes a generous contribution towards saving matters of the heart from extinction.


Representatives of the Institute for Matters of the Heart will be sitting at a desk in front of the locus amönus to answer questions in regards to the Institute’s mission and to discuss the Institute’s hypothesis with anyone interested and curious.


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  1. 1 Simon

    All those photos of sunsets made me feel like it’s the end of the world and I want to kill myself. But thanks for trying.

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