a new performance by White Horse


concept and performance: Julia Jadkowski, Lea Martini, Chris Leuenberger
dramaturgical support: David Weber-Krebs
sound: Coordt Linke
costumes and set design: Theresia Knevel

‘Romantic love is such a cliché that it is already a cliché to say that love is a cliché.’

(Eva Illouz)


White Horse is interested in the collision of real bodies with utopic images. For their new piece Romance the performance collective White Horse chose the exceptional state of falling and being in love with all its side effects: butterflies in the belly, palpitations of the heart, vertigo and slight nausea. Romance deals with phenomena of romantic love on a physical-emotional, popular-banal and euphoric-sublime level. In so doing White Horse continues the research into extreme physical states, which they started with their debut performance Trip at the Freischwimmer festival.


What to do with the desire for a state of complete ‘unification with the world’ in these times of financial and social angst where hybridism and incoherence of different concepts form our everyday reality? A collective desire for uncontrollable emotions, which in their complexity evade words and seek to undermine a defined order of the world through something magical and secret, is to be physically and kinaesthetically transmitted to the audience without becoming narrative or representative. Thrown back and forth between distance and longing, the spectator is to be confronted with his/her own relationship to romantic concepts and images.


Romance does not refer directly to the historical Époque of Romanticism, but is looking for traces of romantic adoration and dizziness in contemporary bodies. Scenes from the movie Die Legende von Paul und Paula and iconographic poses like the one of Venus by Botticelli or a singing Marilyn Monroe serve as source material. The performers take on the celluloid images and icons and research their potential to evoke physical empathy in the audience. Anything between arousal and indisposition shall be generated – challenging borders between something obscene-decadent and total naivety. An unconditional declaration of love is to be made to the audience purely through the body and without a word.


ROMANCE is a coproduction of Hebbel am Ufer Berlin, Frascati Productions Amsterdam,  Dampfzentrale Bern, FFT Düsseldorf and brut Vienna 


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