victim/perpetrator actions


We have come up with the idea to create individual projects for each one of us to practice the art of turning our victim roles into perpetrators (Opfer/Taeter). The idea of victim/perpetrator has become crucial in the way we look at the material during the rehearsal process.  In order for the material not to become heavy and dragging, we have to assume the attitude of perpetrators. The material has to be executed with zest and gusto. Even if we are executing material that comes from a victim (the woman picking up her dead baby) we are going to keep an attitude of total control and enthusiasm.

We have assigned tasks to ourselves in order to practice the art of defying our victim in everyday life:

Chris is going to sit at a little table at school with a sign saying: “If you have some time feel free to talk to me.”  He often feels stressed at school and doesn’t know how to talk to people in a relaxed way. He is a victim of his own timetable and busybody attitude. He feels he is a role model student and is tired of trying to live up to this image. He wants to be at school and stay relaxed without having anything to do other than just being there and talking to people.

Julia is going to talk to someone during one hour about her difficulties in dealing with aggression. She doesn’t know how to deal with aggression directed towards her. She feels that she often swallows other people’s anger or aggression without a means to protect herself.  Her goal is to find a way to ward off aggression and react in a healthy way. One possible strategy could be to simply bark at people who are behaving towards her in an aggressive way.

Lea is a victim of her busy schedule. She wants to find a day off without planning beforehand how she is going to spend that day. She wants to create more free time for herself – time to just be and do what she feels like in the moment.


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